The purpose of this blog is to warn people about the terrible scam this company is running under disguise of a legitimate web hosting service, so that somebody who may be considering subscribing to their "services" knows exactly what he is getting himself into and does not fall victim of their sweet talk and false advertisement and burned badly in the end the way it happened to me.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Here is another horror story about this scam business

These people are on the roll. I can't say it enough - AVOID THIS SERVICE AND ALL OTHER SERVICES RAN BY THIS GANG for your own good!
Read this. Some comments there are really eye opening:

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  1. Hi
    My name is paul and I am following this blog. My story might be close. I created a subdomain with 000webhost last month but it was not until 1st july when i uploaded my website to their server. Since then I ve not encountered fatal problem with this host until yesterday when i was uploading some files and i needed to access my website to see how they looked on the browser from the server. Every time I was getting redirects and it stayed that way for at least 13 hours before my site was restored after i made some inquiries.
    Another thing is that I had submitted my site to google, yahoo, opd, on the same day i uploaded my site but when i googled my site to see if it has been listed, there was no results with the same name. I don't Know which way to go but i hope this blog is an eye opener to me.

    How do I move my site to another host without compromising the gains i have made? please assist